Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What will they say....

...a zillion years from now, from the Planet NeBaDon (on the 8th outer circle of the Blort Galaxy(tm) - when they look at the history books) - what will they think about this small colony of Polar workers on the frozon butt-end of former planet "Earth" and what they did for "fun" on their only night off? Hopefully, there will be surviving diaries like this one (and the 1000 others on this same blogger about the same labor camp & same 70's party) where they can read with a mixture of awe & malaise about how long work hours, lack of external stimulation (ie: billboards, media, shopping) and grubby oil-stained uniforms causes one to dress up like an escaped mental patient & dance with wild abandon to heinous 70's disco music, dirty dance & make out with sweaty people you don't even know. (btw, EYE did't make out with anyone I didn't know, I just saw it all around me - EYE made out only with folks I've known at least since winlfy). Now, to date myself, I will confess that I danced to these "songs" when they first came out (and wow, we thought they were really great!), and if I remember correctly, there were no wigs, cross-dressers, or SS helmets involved in our costuming....just quiana (sp?) nylon, really bad hairdos, oh and those fascinating scenic polyester shirts on the men, unbuttoned to the smallest rib, full roiling chest hair on view....(back when men were'nt afraid of their own hirsuteness).

I think we work-fried Antarcticans just need a burst of color and wildness and loud music to compensate for the drudgery of the long work week. I personally love color & fluffy, shiny things much more when I'm down here, and others must feel the same. The interesting thing about the party scene here is that no matter what the theme ("disco", "rave", "goth", "white trash"), the garb of choice is always the same: "escaped mental patient cross-dresser w/fright wig looking for a halloween party". You couldn't pay me to do stuff like this off Ice, but on Ice, it seems perfectly....natural!